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About Us

On Point has been serving the community for nearly 25 years, bringing knowledge and on-going support to 10,000 students each year.

About On Point

On Point is a youth development organization founded in 1991 and based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The organization began as an abstinence-centered program and was founded in response to the alarming number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in the Hamilton County and Northwest Georgia areas.

Today, On Point partners with schools and communities to cultivate the strengths in youth and guide them on their path to thrive. On Point works by providing young people with the knowledge and on-going support they need to avoid risky behaviors and equips them with the skills they need to thrive. Each year, On Point reaches approximately 13,000 adolescents in Chattanooga, North Georgia and Cleveland through our holistic and multifaceted Life On Point and Think On Point programs. Since On Point's inception, the teenage pregnancy rate has decreased by 54%(per 1000 teenage girls). In addition to impacting our community, On Point's curriculum is used in over 40 states and 13 countries.

How do we help youth thrive?

1. Empower teens to identify and evaluate a positive support system of peers and adults
2. Sharpen critical thinking skills to analyze choices and how they impact their future
3. Instill factors that build resiliency to overcome past failures and injustices
4. Help teens possess a vision for their future and steps to achieve it
5. Increase teens' sense of self worth

What does a thriving youth look like?

The Search Institute® has identified seven behavioral indicators of a thriving teen, including:
1. School success
2. Leadership
3. Helping others
4. Maintenance of physical health
5. Delay of gratification
6. Valuing diversity
7. Overcoming adversity


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