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The NEW School Year & COVID-19

You may feel under-supported with your children's learning during this period, but we are here to help with the guidance and outside motivation needed  to continue to thrive socially, emotionally, intellectually and academically. From engaging curricula to informative and fun videos, we are here to support you, our community.

Honoring Womens History Month During COVID19

In 1981, President Jimmy Carter issued the first presidential proclamation declaring the week of March 8th as National Women’s History Week. Six years later, Congress voted to expand the event to the entire month of March. Every President since that time has declared the month of March Women’s History Month. And every March, I write an article highlighting one or more women whose leadership and demeanor have shaped and lead our society and nation during difficult if not surmountable times in our history. 

A Generational Wisdom In The Time of COVID19

On Point will provide Virtual Life On Point Groups this week. We will have our team online to share social-emotional support for our middle and high school youth. We will be posting videos, talking about emotions and stress, offering a safe space during this time. We are here to offer the simplicity of human presence to you!

What simple “human things” can you do? Encouraging calls, texts, emails? Walks with the loved ones in your home? Delivering groceries to elderly neighbors’ porches? It doesn’t have to be hard. Be creative! Invite others to join you through virtual channels, or maybe an early Easter Egg Hunt using the same ideas as the Shamrock Hunt our neighbors created?

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Hope. Love. Kindness. Inspiration. These may seem like very simple things, but choosing love, kindness, and hope over hate, fear, and disappointment can literally change lives.

Cyberbullying: Helping Teens Navigate Social Media

Growing up with social media has created an entirely new catalyst for adversity in the lives of teenagers today. Over half of adolescents have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyberbullying. Since this month is Bullying Prevention Month, we have provided some resources for parents below.

Back to School with Bright Futures

It's that time of year again; our kids have started back to school. They are growing and changing before our very eyes. Every school year brings new and exciting challenges for them, but what if they are entering middle school? Now this brings on a whole new set of fun and exciting challenges for us as parents… along with new fears and expectations.  We hope that the tips below will not only help your teen through this transition, but also add value to your family as you navigate the middle and high school years together. 

Tips For Students: Twelve Strategies for Academic Success

For many students, the new school year is a chance to begin again. Perhaps you didn’t do as well as you could have last year, and you are hoping to find some strategies that lead to greater academic success. Or, perhaps you want to do even better than you did in the previous term, and you want some practical ideas that can help you reach your goals. In her book FOCUS on College Success, Fourth Edition, Constance Staley offers a number of suggestions designed to help you study more effectively and intentionally. We’ve summarized them below. If you put these twelve strategies into practice, you can approach your studies with a positive and proactive mindset that fosters academic success! 

Another Great Year!

What a wonderful year we have enjoyed at On Point! As the school year concludes and our summer programming begins, On Point projects to have served more than 13,500 students in our wellness program and more than 1,700 students in our ongoing mentoring groups.

Educating for Life

A recent CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey states that  sexually active minority students are at a greater risk for violence victimization, including being bullied both at school and electronically, being threatened or feeling unsafe at school, experiencing dating violence, and sexual assault.  In 2017 alone,  19.0% of students were bullied at school , 8.0%  experienced physical dating violence and 6.9% experienced sexual dating violence. The CDC youth Risk Behavior Survey stated that of those same students, 31.5% experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

Back to School - A Few of Our Favorite Things

That time of year when we put down pool noodles Trade them for pencils and notepads to doodle Class schedules making us count down to spring These are a few of my favorite things Backpacks tha...