What's it Like to be Part of the On Point Team?

June 3, 2014

One word: Teamwork!

I'm in my ninth year at On Point and I can say that teamwork is key to our culture. It is second nature to us. It's almost like the unspoken badge every new employee receives as they enter into work here. "Welcome to On Point. Here is your Teamwork Badge. "

Before coming to On Point I worked in the corporate world- two really wonderful environments where I saw teamwork done well; but when I arrived at On Point there was something different about our culture. Teamwork is not something we "practice" or a company value that is written on a colorful banner in the work is in our DNA.

Our employees are passionate about what we do here. They love and serve youth and desire to see them succeed! There is a humility in having to serve, and that is what we all do here: we serve our community's youth.

Now... what each person does to serve the youth might look different.

Ed serves youth as a Life On Point Facilitator working with the same groups of students every week; while Walter serves a different group of students each week as a Think On Point Educator. Mary serves youth by leading the Graduate On Point initiative at Brainerd High School; and Faith serves youth by facilitating monthly Teen Board leadership meetings and service projects. Ellen serves youth by maintaining our books and helping us brainstorm creative ways to meet student needs with our finances; and Kimberly works to design our creative pieces, so that Shawanda can connect to our community who also serves youth with their resources, finances, and time!

While our heart is to serve youth, we know that a big key to our success is also serving each other. So let's say a big mailer needs to go out: here comes the Program Staff to help the Office staff in addressing and stuffing envelopes; or at this year's Life On Point Banquet we need some extra comes the Office Staff to work alongside our Program Staff to set up tables, greet students and parents, and help with clean up. Unlike anywhere I have ever worked before, I see the true humility and joy of serving each other! While we do serve youth in our own specific job descriptions, we see the abundant blessing that comes from serving each other.

In one of our journals from our newest product, Reflections...My Thoughts on Life, youth are reminded that we are whole beings (physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual). Students reflect on how each dimension can affect another- how they are like neighbors in a community. They work closely together and help each other. On Point functions a lot like this. While each member of the On Point Staff has a different role, we work together to make the whole organization work well!

So after a wonderfully successful year, we decided to celebrate (as we do every year) at the River Park for our Annual On Point Picnic. Our families gathered for a bit of fried chicken and sweet tea to celebrate all that was accomplished for youth...Together!