School's Out For Summer - So What Are You Going To Do?

June 20, 2018

School's Out For The Summer. So, What Are You Going To Do?

So now that school is finally out for the summer, what in the world are you going to do?We know.  You want to relax and give your brain some down time due, but perhaps you should plan what you are going to do. . . . That’s right, people. Plan.  

You see, contrary to popular belief you can't just go with the flow.  What if the flow leads you to a ninety foot waterfall  or to heated and molten lava pit right smack dab in the  middle of the sea? What if the flow is to a swim party with people twice your age serving mixed drinks and the cutest/hottest  guy or girl wants to be alone with you “to get to know you better”?  You see, going with the flow can easily flow you right into hazardous conditions. Just sayin’.....

You've worked hard all school year. You brought up grades in courses that were tough.  You went the extra mile and were involved in extracurricular activities, not to mention serving at home and in your community. Even when you wish to relax and give your brain a mental break you need to make plans..  So, to alleviate the muscle strain of coming up with plans for the summer, we here at On Point have come up with a list for you to follow:

  1. Plan your sleep time – and let's stay away from "all day" okay? There's so much that you can enjoy doing while "breaking"
  2. 2.  Since you worked so hard during the school year, be sure to retain some of that information by choosing something to review at least twice a week.  It could be algebra, English, economics, history, or simply allotting some reading time.
  3. Try preparing a new dinner dish for the family.
  4. If you are an athlete, attend some of the sports camps around town.
  5. Call up some of your encouraging friends and plan a fun night/day out.
  6. Google fun activities and events near you, like bowling, swimming, paintballing, laser tag, horseback riding, going to the movies and actually "watching" the movie, volunteering at your local summer camps or discover your "stationed hobbies" like, painting, drawing, sewing, building, journaling, writing poetry or perhaps your own music.
  7. And finally, learn how to use public transportation especially since your parents may be working

Summer time is approximately 12 weeks.  Don’t waste a moment of it! Have fun! Retain knowledge! Try new things, most importantly try a few things on the "List"!

Written by Faith Sims, LIFE ON POINT FACILITATOR- Student Liaison for Creative Communications