In Full Swing - Graduate On Point

July 20, 2018

Graduate On Point began at Brainerd High School in 2013 under the leadership of Dr. Mary Rausch. As a result of strong gains at Brainerd, the program was implemented at Bradley Central High School in 2016 under the direction of Ashley Humble. In January of 2018 we were thrilled to begin Graduate On Point at Howard School of Academics and Technology with 35 amazing students who had just finished their first semester of high school! Through this unique opportunity, the selected students have been and will be supported by the On Point Coordinator walking alongside them through their graduation date in 2021! 

During the second semester of their freshman year, many of these students began to receive specific accountability with attendance, behavior and academic performance. Through the strong partnership and support of the school, On Point team members were able to begin meeting with students on a weekly basis in groups during school hours. As relationships are beginning to develop, students are starting to take ownership of their participation and commitment to Graduate On Point. Through accountability by committed teachers and additional motivation from the OP Coordinator, several students were able to bring failing grades up to passing, and also recover credits from previously failed courses.

Since the 2017-2018 school year came to a close, the On Point staff has been diligently working this summer on plans for continuing to best care for these specific students at Howard moving into next year, and also learning about ways we might serve the school as a whole. Our intention is to continue a seamless transition into the upcoming school year, where students have no doubt that On Point with be alongside them with a strong arm of support moving into their sophomore year. We believe that students deserve such support! Last semester the program began with a staff member that was only able to be at the school for a small portion of the day. Even with this limitation, it was amazing to see students eagerly desire to be a part of something special! One specific and crucial method for ensuring students are receiving the individual attention this program is designed to offer is hiring a new full time Graduate On Point Coordinator! We are beyond grateful for the provision of this new member of our team and excited for the perspective she will bring!

And you thought summer was our down time! ;)

Written by Ashley Humble, GRADUATE ON POINT DIRECTOR