Educating for Life

November 12, 2018

A recent CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey states that  sexually active minority students are at a greater risk for violence victimization, including being bullied both at school and electronically, being threatened or feeling unsafe at school, experiencing dating violence, and sexual assault.  In 2017 alone,  19.0% of students were bullied at school , 8.0%  experienced physical dating violence and 6.9% experienced sexual dating violence. The CDC youth Risk Behavior Survey stated that of those same students, 31.5% experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

By partnering with local schools and communities, On Point works to reduce these percentages in our local youth. Our Life curriculum is geared to enhance and enrich the lives of those we serve by developing the skills they need to not only navigate the teenage years but to succeed and thrive in life as a whole.  We educate our youth on how to apply the five core values of self discovery, life vision and life skills, healthy life choices, positive support, and leadership for service throughout their lives.  It is our hope that all youth would come to know their value and ability to live a full, rich life now.

As a Life Facilitator, my days can be filled with difficult circumstances and difficult conversations, and they are usually long and sometimes exhausting. But it is so worth it knowing that I am helping the youth of our community understand and know their value, and learn how to develop the life skills necessary to thrive now and for years to come.