Back to School with Bright Futures

September 6, 2019

It's that time of year again; our kids have started back to school. They are growing and changing before our very eyes. Every school year brings new and exciting challenges for them, but what if they are entering middle school? Now this brings on a whole new set of fun and exciting challenges for us as parents… along with new fears and expectations.  We hope that the tips below will not only help your teen through this transition, but also add value to your family as you navigate the middle and high school years together. 

  • Talk with your teen about how their body is changing. Keep an open dialogue with them.  It is especially beneficial to remind them that what they are experiencing is normal. 
  • Encourage your teen! Praise them for their strengths and encourage them through their mistakes.
  • Guide your teen. Teach them healthy ways to cope and deal with stress. Help them to think through circumstances and challenges as they arise. Don’t be afraid to discuss risky behaviors or uncomfortable situations they could be experiencing. If parents are not the ones speaking into their children’s lives, culture will.
  • Set clear, defined, and realistic goals and boundaries - and then follow through on them. 
  • Help your teen talk through their feelings. Make sure they know how to seek help if they feel unsafe. 
  • Help your teen discover their talents, and encourage activities they are interested in. 

Most importantly, be involved!

All of these tips will come naturally if we will invest in our children.  Get to know their friends and their friend’s parents. Ask them about their day, and really take the time to listen. Perhaps engage with them in an activity that they are really passionate about. We can be role models for our teens, and lead by example; because whether we realize it or not, they are looking to us to lead them. Therefore, let’s lean in and love gently, love steady and love true.