Honoring Womens History Month During COVID19

March 31, 2020

In 1981, President Jimmy Carter issued the first presidential proclamation declaring the week of March 8th as National Women’s History Week. Six years later, Congress voted to expand the event to the entire month of March. Every President since that time has declared the month of March Women’s History Month, and for the past three years as a professional woman working in communications and law, I have always highlighted this month in my communications plans. I have always viewed this month as an opportunity to promote an embodiment of the virtues of hope, inspiration and perseverance. I usually try to highlight one or more women whose leadership and demeanor have shaped and lead our society and nation during difficult if not surmountable times. Last year, I was able to highlight one of my own personal heroes, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, for her work in educating America’s youth on democracy, equipping and encouraging them to become involved in civics and government through her website iCivics

This year, our communications plan revolved around telling a more personal story relative to On Point. So, after reading her story and learning more about her work, I was looking forward to highlighting, Katherine Wolf, this year, the upcoming featured speaker for On Point's annual Love Wins ladies luncheon. An author and advocate, her life and work exemplifies grit and grace, and her birthday actually fell on International Womens' Day this year. How cool is that! But then the pandemic broke out, and madness and chaos ensued. Uncertainty filled the air and people froze. 

Uncertainty, madness, chaos - welcome to the arena of the gladiators, people; welcome to the realm of the healthcare workers, the educators and nonprofit workers where the only thing certain is change and the need to advocate for the right ones. 

I have been assisting with digital communications and social media management at On Point for a little over two years now and one of things that I love about my work is working along side people of character, grit and grace. Most of the time, I write our articles anonymously with no personal reference; so, I admit I was looking forward to writing from a bit more personal perspective when highlighting Mrs. Wolfe.  But in all honestly, considering our most recent events, I feel it necessary to take it a step further and highlight those personal heroes who live and walk among us right here. It's time to honor the Tracys, the Amys, the Brookes, and the Faiths; the Phyllis', the Ashleys and the Blairs.; the Tonys, the Josephs, the Walters, the Eds and the Artezs; the Sarahs, the Sams, and the Reggi's; the Taneas, the Maggies, the Susans, the Brendas, and the Nicholes; the Julies, the Lesleys, and the Kevins; the Hollys, Brianas, Marys, Fredas, and the Jacobs and the Tommys.  The educators, the facilitators, the community partners; the doctors, the nurses, the communicators, and organizers; the encouragers - I'm not even sure that's an actual word, but you get what I'm saying.

This year, during Womens' History Month I want to honor you. Our everyday heroes who have stepped up and stepped out in time of great uncertainty to be a voice of hope and reason, a light of grit and grace in the face of perceived fear and darkness.  You embody the spirit behind Womens' History Month and On Point's own personal story - you embody how to make wise choices and thrive during difficult circumstances.

So, thank you. Thank you, you who are working with us and with each other. Thank you to those of you who are reading this. Thank you to you who support us and our partners. Thank you to those of you who have leaned in and leaned on.  Thank you. Thank you for taking Einstein at his observation and proving that out of every crisis comes an opportunity.  Thank you for choosing joy over despair, for choosing perseverance, and for choosing to be a source of bravery, strength, wisdom, hope and inspiration. 

Don't worry - I will still highlight Katherine Wolf in the coming days as we reschedule the Love Wins ladies luncheon, but for now I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to highlight you - the hope, inspiration, and wisdom walking right here and working among us. This is what honors and embraces the spirit behind Women's History month - the spirit that embodies On Point, and the spirit that embraces  and moves behind all of humanity - the spirit of helping, the spirit of finding grit in grace, and the spirit of persevering to show the world that we truly are #bettertogether. 

 - Michelle Hubbs, Digital Communications and Social Media Management for On Point.