The NEW School Year & COVID-19

August 11, 2020

The school year is fast approaching, and COVID-19 has inserted unprecedented challenges for both schools and parents alike.  As we transitioned into distance learning last year, parents not only had to become their children's primary teacher but also their full-time caretaker. Whether employed full-time or part of our workforce experiencing  job loss and financial challenges during these times, parents have had to lean in like never before. Between one-half and three-quarters of parents reported a moderate or significant need for every learning support as they made this transition.  For example, they reported a need for more instructional materials from their schools or childcare centers that outlined ideas they could use to support their children's social and emotional needs in addition to their academic learning.

This unprecedented situation has required a great deal of adjustment on the part of our youth as well. As students, they can no longer depend on an external structure and have had to learn how to manage their own time more effectively. Many may find it hard to focus in what seems to be a constantly changing environment; the uncertain nature of the future may be hard to process as well. They need the right social and emotional intelligence skills to manage not only their time effectively but their emotions effectively as well. 

You may feel under-supported with your children's learning during this period, but we are here to help! On Point has been partnering with our schools and communities in providing families with information during the pandemic about ways to support our children's academic, social, and emotional needs.  From engaging curricula to informative and fun videos, we are here to support you, our community.  Some useful tips can be found  on our Youtube channel. 

Remote instruction during school closures offers numerous challenges, and finding ways to ensure that children are engaged in learning activities is one of the more significant ones. Let us help. Let’s turn this crisis into an opportunity to help our youth learn life skills that will lead them on their path to thrive!

Let's empower our youth. Together. 

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