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On Point has been serving the community since 1991, bringing knowledge and on-going support to over 12,000 students each year.

What Does My Child Need to Thrive?

Developmental Assets
Thriving Indicators

On Point partners with schools and communities to cultivate the strengths in youth and guide them on their path to thrive. Through our programs, On Point works to provide teens with meaningful connections, on-going support and the skills they need to thrive. Read below to develop a brief understanding of how On Point's programs help youth thrive.

What is Think On Point?

Think On Point is a five to six hour critical thinking and healthy choices curricula delivered in 40 area middle and high schools. The curriculum includes homework assignments, in-class handouts, role-playing activities, and focused small-group discussion. Discussion is promoted as a means to develop students' critical thinking skills. Lessons at every grade level discuss the topics of abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, media influence, and standards and boundaries; other more specific themes include pregnancy, pornography, abuse, value and self-worth, and the essence of real love.

What is Life On Point?

Life On Point fosters "whole person development" by taking a positive, life-skills building approach. It addresses a wide spectrum of adolescent risk behaviors and emphasizes asset building as the key to reducing these behaviors. Life On Point is tailored to meet the needs of a small group and addresses academics, leadership, life skills, planning for the future, healthy lifestyle choices and avoidance of risk behaviors. The core curriculum includes the following units: Self-Discovery; Life Vision, Life Skills; Healthy Life Choices; Positive Support; and Leadership for Service. For more detailed information, take a look at the theoretical framework.

What is the Teen Board?

The Teen Board is a diverse group of high school students living out the On Point message through leadership and service to others. Participants pledge to inspire and connect with teens, and to support them in making healthy choices and pursuing their dreams. During the year, the teen board meets monthly to discuss upcoming events, give input on new On Point programs, serve the community, support each other and have fun.