Graduate On Point

On Point has been serving the community since 1991, bringing knowledge and on-going support to over 12,000 students each year.

Graduate On Point launches this year at Brainerd High School with 25 members of the junior cohort who have desire and commitment to graduate on point and on time!

The program includes: a positive adult support network, the ACT ENGAGE assessment, an individualized GAP plan including tutoring and credit recovery, participation in Life On Point, college visits, and ancillary activities.

Graduate On Point's anticipated outcomes: 100% of participants will be able to identify a team of supportive, caring adults committed to seeing them graduate and proceeding to post secondary education; 84% of participants will demonstrate a positive shift in pre- to post- measurements of non-academic skills as measure by ACT ENGAGE; 100% of students will create a plan for graduation and college access, and 80% will graduate with their current cohort in 2015.