Life On Point

On Point has been serving the community since 1991, bringing knowledge and on-going support to over 12,000 students each year.

Life On Point is a teen-centered curricula encompassing topics that range from managing emotions and boundary setting to dating, addiction, and actualizing one's potential. Developed from more than fifteen years of listening to teens, the program cultivates their individual internal strengths and encourages whole person development. The curricula teaches teens how to avoid a broad spectrum of adolescent risk behaviors by nurturing those strengths that lead youth to thrive.

Life On Point groups meet weekly to promote positive youth development. The Curricula is built upon seven key constructs* and includes evidence-based research and strategies. The content includes five units: Self- Discovery, Life Vision/ Life Skills, Healthy Life Choices, Positive Support, and Leadership for Service.

This Curricula also possesses empirical evidence supporting increases in "soft skills" which impact college, career, and citizenship readiness, many of which align with The Common Core State Standards for Education's "Habits of Mind." Throughout the curricula, youth receive innovative experiential learning, flexible thinking activities, and social skills which further develop the whole child. Participants are given opportunities to learn and practice many skills, including: mutual respect and boundary setting, emphatic listening and communication, managing emotions and impulses, and working interdependently. These "soft skills" are necessary for health, leadership, and life-long success.

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Life On Point published in The Journal of Adolescent and Family Health

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