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Our desire here at On Point is to come alongside parents and partner with them in educating and encouraging their children--so we're glad you're here!

You want the best for your children, you want them to grow and mature into healthy young men and women--we want the same thing, and so we are committed to helping you accomplish this vision for your teenager however we can!

We have gathered a number of articles which could help you understand the life and times of your teenage son or daughter. Feel free to browse these article below. As we find more, from time to time we will include them here, so check back as you can! And of course, if there are any subjects you would like to ask us about, contact us and we will be glad to share whatever insight or aids we have available to us!

Let's work together for a stronger, happier, healthier future!

Articles Listing:

1. Helping Your Child Dream Big
2. Teenage Stress
3. Identifying Signs of Teen Depression
4. Sexting: Technology Adds New Risk
5. Fresh Starts: Building Your Teen's Resiliency
6. Shifting Our Focus from Problems to Strengths
7. Teens: Hardwired to Connect
8. Mean Girls
9. Big Dreams Into Big Vision
10. Will They Hear Your Voice?