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“It’s your choice.”

Choices. I never knew what an impact that word would have on my life, until I entered high school. I began my freshman year full of confidence. I had a huge group of friends, and I was ready to take on the world. As the school year progressed,...


“Perfection isn’t always perfect.”

My comfort zone was perfection. I struggled with the pressure to strive for it in everything I did. Whether it was academics, extracurricular activities or volunteering, I wanted to be the best—anything less was just unacceptable.



"Who am I ?"

I finally know the answer to that question, but it wasn’t always that way. If I could pin point when I started to struggle with finding my identity, I’d say it was right around the time I entered middle school.

It was my first day at a...


“Sweatshirts became my security blanket.”

Who has a positive self-image in high school? Starting my freshman year at a new school, my-self confidence was at an all-time low. Here I was making comparisons between my appearance and those I perceived to be better or prettier than me. When I...


“I had all these adult responsibilities but I was a teenager!”

Growing up was pretty chaotic. Being the oldest of five children, I spent a lot of time looking after my younger brothers and sisters. During high school, I took a full-time job at KFC to help my family with the bills. There were days my life...


I'm Shaunte Kilgore
This is my story.

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