On Point Training

On Point has been serving the community since 1991, bringing knowledge and on-going support to over 12,000 students each year.

All teens connected and thriving

Since 1991, On Point has developed collaborative partnerships at both the local and national level. We have certainly found the old adage, it takes a village, to be true. In Chattanooga, our city benefits from a long history of faithful youth advocates who focused not only on themselves, but also on future generations. At On Point, we share their passion:
focusing our efforts to help equip the next generation to be the greatest generation! As we collaborate with our partners, we are energized to dream bigger, inspired to work harder, and encouraged to always instill hope in our youth. We look for opportunities to sharpen and train one another, knowing it takes all of our expertise and combined resources to make a significant impact in helping our youth claim their futures.

Additionally, On Point is privileged to participate with a growing number of national partners, many of whom are providing critical leadership in research and application of best practices in the youth development field. As On Point teams up with these national partners, we are enthusiastic to present what is working with youth in other parts of the country with our fellow Chattanooga partners, considering how our own youth can benefit. Likewise, our national partners are extending training invitations to On

Point, asking us to share what has produced positive outcomes with our own Chattanooga area youth. This professional exchange has been the foundation for a growing menu of training opportunities for On Point. Please feel free to browse our other page to see up-coming local and national trainings.

Local Training

Think On Point and Life On Point

Trainings are designed to equip attendees in the implementation of our two locally developed curricula used in our schools. Both curriculum can be implemented in a variety of settings and these trainings include adaptation strategies.

Asset Training

Trainings are tailored to specific audiences to introduce the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets and their role in healthy youth development. The training is interactive and helps participants see how “everyone is an asset-builder”!

Topic Specific

Trainings are often requested by community members on a variety of youth related topics in which On Point staff members have gained expertise. Requests are frequently related to helping students avoid a host of risk behaviors; such as teen dating violence, early sexual activity, substance abuse, pornography, violence and gang involvement. Training in building assets through mentoring and service-learning while increasing critical thinking and vision for the future are key strategies in reducing youth risk behaviors.

National Training

From classrooms in Atlanta to churches in West Africa, youth worldwide benefit from On Point's relevant outcomes focused materials. Developed and tested in classrooms right here in Chattanooga, organizations in 40 states and 19 foreign countries use On Point curricula and resources.

Br training alliance partners like the Urban Youth Workers Institute and Ready by 21, educators, youth leaders and community members learn effective ways to build resilient, future-minded youth. At the same time, resources return to our community, creating more sustainable programs.