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To be On Point, teens must be prepped and ready to make smart decisions about life. We empower teens to thrive through the following multifaceted and holistic programs:

Programs Overview

Think On Point

Teens need the facts to be On Point. Think On Point is a five dosage hour, risk avoidance education curricula delivered in more than 40 area middle and high schools. The program is designed to decrease sexual activity and linked risk behaviors, while equipping youth to engage in positive, healthy relationships. On Point educators incorporate fundamental life skills to address pressing issues such as puberty, standard-setting, peer and media influences, decision making, healthy relationships, STDs, and pregnancy.

Life On Point

Teens need support and concrete life skills to be On Point. Life On Point is a weekly "life education" course designed to give the support, accountability and skills students need to thrive. Life On Point is tailored to meet the needs of small groups and addresses academics, leadership, life skills, planning for the future, healthy lifestyle choices and avoidance of risk behaviors. Currently, Life On Point is offered in 18 area middle and high schools. This Curricula also possesses empirical evidence supporting increases in "soft skills" which impact college, career, and citizenship readiness, many of which align with The Common Core State Standards for Education's "Habits of Mind."

Graduate On Point

Graduate On Point launches this year at Brainerd High School with 25 members of the junior cohort who have desire and commitment to graduate on point and on time! On Point will work with participants to create individualize Graduation Action Plans (GAP) and will assist in assembling a network of adult support to help students graduate on track and on time.Academic support and college visits will strengthen this program.

Teen Advisory Board

Teens need a voice to be On Point. The teen board is a diverse group of high school students living out the On Point message through leadership and service to others. Participants pledge to inspire and connect with teens, and to support them in making healthy choices and pursuing their dreams. During the year, the teen board meets monthly to discuss up-coming events, give input to new On Point programs, serve the community, support each other and have fun.


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